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Last updated: 16.12.2020
this Cookies Lighting Your text purpose of Volkan Star ("Snug" or "Company") by yöbeing cleared one at yer alan Internet of the site ("Site") operating during Site users / members / visitors ("Veri Owner") your cookies use of s obtained Tagged personal of data to inform you about the processing.
Company, this Cookies Lighting Your text, 7 Nisan 2016 in history force incoming 6698 numbered Personal Your data protection Law'nun ("Law") 10'uNC Article in accordance with, Site'de hangi your cookies that it is used ve Veri Owners'estate bu in the subject preferences howl yöthat they can clear explain for the purpose of prepared.
Snug as, Site'de we use cookies of using can give up, these types of or functions You can change or yeni cookies to use we can start. Bu for reason, this Cookies Lighting Text in terms of we wish zaman alteration making the right to hidden we keep. Actual News Aydınlatma the text üzerinde realized one here (in Danish) various alteration on the site or any a to the public open on the channel with publication together force will win. Shipping is update history your text early It is included.
ÇWhat is a cookie?
Cookies, any a Internet site ziyaret when you or any a message göwhen you view your browser or your device to memory placed, generally harf ve in figures formed, küçük in size are text files.
Cookies, ziyaret you are website site yönet servers by they are created. Böby year visitor same site ziyaret when you Server this can understand. Cookies, Internet site owners same The visitor revisits the site.österen can be compared to identity cards.
Cookies, a Internet to site related durum ve choice settings by hiding bu Internet of the site the use of makes it easy. Site'yi temporal proportional as escape the people that you use a the people Site'yi hangi for the purpose, escape times ziyaret Watch it ve ne until stayed hakkında statistical information obtained make ve Users for ögel designed user from the pages dynamic as advertising ve innererik to produce It is designed to assist and is also used for these purposes.
Scanners pek most first technique Contact file kabul will in a way was designed. Ancak Users, technique Contact file kabul Failure to or technique Contact file göwhen sent always internalize the browser settings so that a warning is theThey can change.
Cookies, owners, use öClassified in terms of myrrh and intended useflandcan be flown.
For What Purposes Are Cookies Used?r?
Snug as, Site'de in use we are various cookies by personal your data we are processing. In general, the purposes of processing your personal data through cookies are as follows:
-Site'estate Workmoreı for necessary basic functions realize. For example, oturum opens Members' Site'no need to re-enter passwords when visiting different pages.
-Site'yi analysis make ve Site'estate performance to increase. Exampleof, Site'estate üzerinde working different your servers integration, Site'yi ziyaret that the of the number fixing to ve Hi göre performance your settings done ya da your visitors what they are looking for their finding facilitation.
-Site'estate functionality increase ve use ease of provide. Exampleof, Site over third side sosyal medya to channels on share have, Site'yi ziyaret Eden visitor daha next on his visit user ordinary your knowledge ya da search your queriesn effectrivers
-Personalization, aim ve advertising activity realize. For example, your visitors göthey view sayfa ve products over your visitors interest with fields connected advertising gösterilization.
Law'un 5'inches ve 8'inches agents in accordance with, personal your data above yer given for purposes ve Law in accordance with necessary in cases open to your consent based on as are processed. Snug as, personal your data above yer given the purpose of realization s angry, connected ve ölush as ve Law ve about secondary legislation provisions appropriate the way Our company of service benefited from third to persons, to our partners, to our shareholders, to our affiliates, legally authorized consume institution ve organizations s ögel kişi ve to organizations We can transfer. Your data transferred to side of personal your data the world here (in Danish) We would like to state that they can store them on their servers.
Which Cookies Are Usedr?
Downda Site'de we use different kind of to cookies related information you can find. Site'de Home ziyaret you are website by placed (first party) cookies Home de ziyaret you are website except Cookies placed by servers (third party) are used.
-Mandatory Cookies
Specific your cookies use of Site'estate right ve functional a in a way Workmoreı for It is mandatory. Exampleof; Site'de oturum when you open commissioning incoming ID verification cookies, Site'de a from the page to another It ensures that your session, which is active in your transition, continues.
-Functionality and Preference Cookies
Bu cookies yours Site on you your preferences ve your choices remembering Site'de presented your services your for personalization It provides. Exampleof; Site on you dil your choice or a allows us to remember the font size you chose while reading text.
-Social Media Cookies
Bu cookies yours sosyal medya your uses hakkında information gathering It provides. For example; personalized advertisements creation of ya da pazar researches done for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Cookies can be used to use the information of your accounts.
-Performance and Analysis Cookies
Bu cookies thanks to Site'yi your use ve our site performance analysis by to you we give services daha iyi halo We can bring. For example; bu cookies thanks to our visitors en çok hangi pagesı göwhat you viewInitial, Site'estate it should comic workp Workmadlili ve possible emergency codes fixing we can.
-Targeting or advertising cookies
To you on our site or our site except in channels product ve hizmet promoting yapmak for cookies we are using. In addition, bases with our partners to you our site within or outside advertising ve promotion yapmak innerin iş to the union we can go For example, on our site göyour a advertisement click on that you do not click, if advertising your interest if he suffered after that o your ad yöinstructed by on the site from service take advantage of Cookies can be used to track that you do not benefit.
How Can I Control the Use of Cookies?
You have the opportunity to personalize your preferences for cookies by changing the settings of your browser.
Adobe Analytics
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
But, Site'estate basic functions functionality providing your cookies circuit female release or of use preventing in case of, Site by presented belirli from services that you cannot benefit effectWe would like to have it delivered.
What Are My Rights as a Data Owner?
Law'un 11'inches Article in accordance with real owners as below counted to rights owner that you are we report:
-learning whether your personal data is processed,
-If your personal data has been processed, to request information regarding this,
-personal your data processing their purpose ve these its purpose appropriate used and not used learning,
-To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom your personal data has been transferred,
-personal your data eksik or yanlış finished within the higher education institution in case of thesen dupset wish ve to request notification of the transaction made within this scope to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred,
-Law ve about other kanun provisions appropriate as finished to be warman, iprocessing requiring your reasons the middle take off in case of personal your data deletion or yok to the wish ve bu the scope done your transaction personal your data transferred to third person to ask to be notified,
-processed personal your data isexclusiveIranian automatic systems by analysis to by the objecting to the emergence of a result against the person himself,
-personal your data law against as processing because to damage your visit in case of the damage do not request removal.
Law'un 11'inches Article in accordance with owner you are above counted rightsza yöfor conveying your applications, Veri Responsible Application Method ve Principles About us Notification provisions within y listed belowöCompany by means'You can forward to:
Registered Electronic Mail (REP) Address: -
E-Mail Address:
(*) Company'e daha öFrance reported / in our systems registered situated a e-mail address by göi send if you will your applications directly yukarıdaki address you can forward. But, göi send you will do e-mail address in our systems registered değil if, göyour leader güvenli Electronics signature or mobile signature s should be done.
Your request on nature göre en kJesus time ve en late thirty day in your applications free as will be finalized. But, your transaction ayrıca a cost require in case of Personal Datas Protection The tariff to be determined by the BoardöYou may be charged a fee.